Managed Security (Ransomware Protection)

Managed Security (Ransomware Protection)

Hackers are smarter than ever, all of us can easily let our guards down by accidentally clicking an email containing malicious content bring your business to a grind. We can help with Managed Security services to ensure we pro-actively monitor and protect your business data and operation

We can help you defend against, cope with, or recover from a ransomware incident. Despite the alarming nature of the threat, ransomware gains entry onto a user’s device in remarkably predictable ways and can be successfully identified and defended.

We take the security of health information seriously. We have rigorous data protection solutions designed to safeguard your confidential records. Our sophisticated tools and industry-leading methods provide peace of mind, knowing your health data is protected to the highest degree.

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Why Choose Our Managed Security Services?

Comprehensive Healthcare Backup and Recovery Plans

Comprehensive Healthcare Backup and Recovery Plans

We offer a suite of backup and recovery solutions designed to keep your data flowing in the event of a service disruption.

Defense against Ransomware

Defense against Ransomware

We don’t rely solely on a defensive perimeter to protect your infrastructure. We follow a more robust, iterative approach, which can be broken down into 3 layers: Detect, Prevent and Recover

Compliance with PIPEDA/PHIPA

Compliance with PIPEDA/PHIPA

Our healthcare IT services are in full compliance with HIPAA standards, certifying our commitment to medical information security excellence.

Our Managed Security Services Include

Multilingual support

All US & Canadian time zones

Ransomware defense solutions

Email security

Backup and fast data recovery

Server Support

Network Troubleshooting

Managed Security Services To Fight Emerging Cyber Security Threats Like Ransomware

Effective ransomware protection requires both ransomware detection technology and powerful backup and archiving solutions, providing access to archived email in the event of an attack. For organizations seeking superior ransomware protection, our managed security services provide an all-in-one solution to defend against this growing threat.
DENTAL IT is an industry leader when it comes to healthcare IT security. Marrying an extensive history of delivering medical technology solutions with a matchless commitment to data security, we have the processes in place to provide you with the ultimate secure environment for your sensitive healthcare data.
Contact us to learn how your practice can benefit from our industry-leading healthcare Managed IT Security Solutions.
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